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Net Health Wic Program - Tyler - North Broadway - Tyler WIC Clinics

  • Name
  • NET Health WIC Program - Tyler - North Broadway
  • Address
  • 815 N. Broadway
    Tyler, TX 75702
  • Phone Number
  • (903) 592-7635
  • Fax
  • Operation hours
  • Mon - Fri, 3rd Sat: 8:30am - 5:30pm
  • Type
  • Clinic/Application Site
  • Web Site
  • http://www.healthyeasttx.org/
  • Services Offered
  • Health Information and Referrals; Nutrition Assessment and Counseling; Healthy Foods For Women, Infants, and Children; Breastfeeding Counseling and Training
  • Description
  • WIC is a supplemental nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. WIC provides health information and referrals; nutrition assessment and counseling; healthy foods for women, infants, and children; and breastfeeding counseling and training. Why is WIC important? We need a healthy generation of children who can be productive citizens when they get older. We need children who are free from infectious disease, chronic illnesses and obesity. A generation of healthy children would free our State from tremendous future health care costs. Fewer WIC babies are delivered prematurely. Prevention of premature delivery saves a great deal in public Medicaid dollars and prevents much human suffering.
  • Phone 2
  • Contact Person
  • E-Mail
  • WIC Foods
  • Cereal; Whole Grains (Bread (Whole-Wheat), Tortillas (Corn or Whole-Wheat), Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Whole-Wheat Pasta); Fruits and Vegetables (Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Vitamin C-Rich 100% Juice); Dairy/Soy (Fat-Free and Low-Fat (1%) Milk For Women and Children 2 to 5 Years, Whole Milk for Children 12 to 24 Months, Cheese, Kosher Milk and Cheese, Soy Milk and Tofu, Yogurt); Protein Foods (Eggs, Dry Beans, Split Peas or Lentils, Canned Beans, Peanut Butter, Canned Tuna and Salmon For Exclusively Breastfeeding Mothers); Baby Foods (Baby Cereal, Baby Food Fruits and Vegetables, Baby Food Meats For Exclusively Breastfeeding Babies, Formula)

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WIC Resources

  • WIC Breast Feeding Support
    Breastfeeding is essential in infant development and is recommended by the Women, Infant, and Child Program to be the best way of feeding babies.
  • WIC Eligibility Criteria
    To qualify for WIC benefits, applicants must meet Categorical, Residential, Income and Nutritional Risk Requirements.